Switzerland is beautiful in summer. Living near the water is part of Swiss everyday life. You may live in a city, but next to the beautiful shopping streets you have the lake with its clear water and pleasant beaches.

I had a hard time finding an outfit for all the activities that I do daily in summer: Hanging out at the beach with friends, joining a beach volleyball game, paddling, playing with kids, sunbathing, enjoying a meal at the beach restaurant or an improvised barbeque with neighbours.
I never know what clothes would fit all these activities

So I wanted to create an active-swimwear that was both stylish and versatile.
I want women to be able to spend long summer hours doing different activities with comfortable elegance, without caring about their outfit, because the one they wear is perfect for all the daily occasions.

And Lake You was born with this intent: to bring elegance and versatility to active-swimwear. I created a new way of living your summer days, doing a lot of activities with the one perfect outfit.

Active-swimwear has never been so attractive.